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The Bravo Reporting System is a simple-to-use, feature rich, web-based application designed to take the pain out of creating and assembling weekly activity reports. As a manager it is important to know what’s happening and where the issues are. Bravo is a great way to improve the overall communication within the project.

Create Activity Reports in Minutes

The Bravo Reporting System is a fast, efficient way to enter accomplishments, issues and action items, and with the simple click of a button all the data from each employee is assembled into a perfectly formatted document that can be easily sorted in multiple ways.

Creating activity reports is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Email Invite Screenshot

1. Send e-mail invites to your team

User Actions Screenshot

2. Users enter their notable achievements, issues or action items into categories specific to your project

Generated Report Screenshot

3. At the end of the week, run a standard or custom report and get a perfectly formatted, easy to read report that can be viewed on line or exported to Microsoft Word

Manage Action Items

Results driven managers know the importance of staying focused on the key action items. The Bravo Action Item Manager allows each individual on your team to enter and track action items with ease. Reports can be quickly generated that display the owner and the status of each item.

E-mail notifications allow for easy assignment of tasks, as well as when there is an update to the item you will get a notification.

Managing Action Items Screenshot

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