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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the data in Bravo secure?

Yes, data in Bravo is secure. Bravo provides username and password security. We also send all data over an HTTPS-encrypted connection to protect confidential data.

Can other companies see my entries?

No. Bravo permissions are established based on each individual user and each user is only a member of one company.

Can I use Bravo for multiple projects?

Yes. One of the key fields within Bravo is the "Projects" field. Once the Bravo administrator has added a specific project it will be available on the Project field drop down list.

Can more than one person publish reports?

Yes. Any user with system administrator rights can publish reports.

Can Bravo be customized?

Yes. Please contact us at to discuss your requirements.

Can Bravo be run on my company's Intranet?

Yes! We can install Bravo on a stand alone server in your organization or provide a machine that just plugs into your network.

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